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Will Wiz Khalifa earn $100 million in 2012?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, Wiz Khalifa defied the odds, when he not only rose from a popular mixtape rapper to rap superstar. Along the way, Wiz Khalifa placed his earnings in different ventures and generated $11 million. This earning landed the newcomer on Forbes, something he truly enjoyed.

During the listening session for his Taylor Allerdice mixtape, Wiz Khalifa told the guests he would be on the list again. Not lacking in confidence, Wiz Khalifa boasted of how he will make upward of $100 million in 2012. In the hip hop world, anything is possible, but will Wiz Khalifa be able to pull this off.

50 Cent went from making tens of millions to the hundred million mark with his Vitamin Water deal, a few years ago. Many other rappers have established businesses, which have them well over $100 million in earnings every year. However, without a major endorsement deal, very few have gone from $11 million one year to making $100 million the next. Wiz Khalifa is used to defying odds, as he went from being on the mixtape scene to making $11 million in a year.

Keeping all possibilities open, will Wiz Khalifa make $100 million in 2012?

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