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Rezz Vokalz unites with BaRock Urbano for “Grindin'” track, making MMG history

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In a matter of months, Rick Ross turned Maybach Music into one of the biggest labels in hip hop. Initially, Maybach Music was a song, which featured Jay-Z. Later, sequels were recorded and featured on every Rick Ross album. But, when Rick Ross decided to officially “boss up,” Maybach Music became the name of his organization.

One year since Rick Ross signed the deal with Warner Bros. Records, Maybach Music is more than hype. Now, Maybach Music is home to many of the biggest stars in the game game. However, with MMG, there is much more than what meets the eye. There are several partners and several subsidiaries.

Rick Ross has turned Maybach Music Group into an international business, boasting a partnership with Bang ‘Em Smurf’s Trinidad-based, Feed Da Wolves. Maybach Dice is a product of this deal. With Ross, it is all about expansion, but he has not forgotten where he came from.

Before the fame and before the successful singers, Rick Ross was a man with a vision in Miami. Slip-N-Slide Records took a chance and gave Ross an opportunity, which he used to the fullest. Now, Rick Ross is providing the same opportunities for artists on the Miami hip hop scene. The Latino branch of Maybach Music, properly titled Maybach Music Latino, serves as the breeding ground for many of the Miami hip hop artists who want a shot with Rick Ross.

Maybach Music Latino is run by BaRock Urbano, also known as U.B. President. He serves as Rick Ross’ right-hand man and he keeps an ear to the Miami streets. One of the newest artists working with Maybach Music is Rezz Vokalz. Currently, Rezz Vokalz is making a name for himself, as he has been releasing popular tracks for some time. The first track with Maybach Music Latino, however, was his latest track, released only minutes ago, “Grindin’,” which features BaRock Urbano.

The year of 2012 was obviously promising for the mainstream Maybach Music label, but Rick Ross warned of his entire roster of artists providing heat this year. This heat is coming directly from the streets of Miami, as Rezz Vokalz and BaRock Urbano deliver their “Grindin'” single.

Listen to “Grindin'” by Rezz Vokalz ft. BaRock Urbano below:

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