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Who’s Got Next in Atlanta?… Pill

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since 2009, Pill has been making a name for himself on the streets of Atlanta. Pill had a seemingly quick rise to stardom, with A-list collaborations and a deal with Warner Bros. within a year of his first mixtape release. Things appeared to get even better for Pill when he was soon joined at Warner by Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

With Pill being a hip hop artists, the label executives offered him a one-year deal to represent the MMG. Pill immediately agreed to the deal, as Rick Ross has had an incredible buzz for some time. However, when it seemed as if Warner Bros., more so than Maybach Music, should have been promoting him, they did not.

Pill has released countless records, which he feels should have been hits. Frustrated, Pill left Warner Bros. Records after his deal with Maybach Music ended. Now, Pill finds himself back on the mixtape level, which is not too bad with everything he has going. Aside from planning to flood the mixtape scene, once again, Pill is headed to Toronto, at the start of March, to begin his The Epidemic Tour. From the looks of things, Pill is going to surprise many with his performance in 2012.

At the rate he is going, Pill is definitely going to be back in the headlines and making hit records, representing Atlanta.

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