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French Montana talks unreleased Max B collaboration and “Excuse My French” with VIBE

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French Montana talks unreleased Max B collaboration and “Excuse My French” with VIBE

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

After four years of releasing mixtapes, French Montana gained national attention in 2011. Unlike New York rappers before him, French Montana’s willingness to work with rappers in other regions, especially in the South, has paid off for him. Along with several New York rappers, French Montana is best-known for his collaborations with Waka Flocka Flame. Before his days of working with Waka, however, French Montana was working with another buzzing rapper, Max B.

For a short period of time, during the 2007-2008 period, there were many who felt Max B could potentially return the New York hip hop scene to prominence. His gravelly voice and dark lyrics earned him comparisons to DMX and he had the attention of the hip hop world. Max B was a victim of circumstances, however, sent to prison for murder. But, before his sentence, he began featuring French Montana on his records, giving shine to the Bronx rapper, who used it to his advantage, being signed by Akon.

When someone reaches a height of success, the media tries to create controversy. Usually, they will aim to cause tension between the star and the first person who helped them. This was the case with Jay-Z and Jaz-O and recently, it was tried with French Montana and Max B. While Max B has been serving time in prison, French Montana has been making hit records and signed to Bad Boy Records. French Montana quickly ended those rumors, when he revealed the two still talk often and then a new video from Max B surfaced this week, featuring none other than French Montana.

Currently, French Montana is wrapping up his debut album, Excuse My French. As he works on his album, French Montana’s videos continue to rise at MTV and BET. Recently, VIBE caught up with French Montana, asking him about the progress being made on the album and his relationship with Max B. Discussing collaborations, French Montana said, aside from Harry Fraud, he has Dame Grease, Lex Luger, Young Los, J. Cardim, and Lex Luger working with him on the album. For the pop audience, French Montana has a song with Akon and Lady Gaga, which might make the album if the paperwork is handled.

Other collaborations on the album come from Rick Ross and Diddy, along with his Coke Boyz. The one collaboration French Montana wanted for the album was “Hey, My Guy,” with Max B. The song was produced by Young Los a few years ago, but has gone unreleased. French Montana saved this song for his debut album. It, along with a select number of other songs, which were recorded for the album, will be included in the final product. There is no set release date for French Montana’s Excuse My French debut, but it will likely be released sometime before the second half of 2012.

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