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Federal Prosecutors hope to delay B.G.’s sentencing

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the middle of his 2009 comeback run, B.G. was arrested. The New Orleans rapper was accused of driving a stolen vehicle and possessing three weapons (two of which also stolen). At the time, B.G. was in the headlines, due to both his album and his affiliation with T.I. and Grand Hustle. However, with T.I. coming out of prison and B.G. headed in, the partnership slowly fizzled.

B.G. pleaded guilty to the charges this past December. The former Cash Money Records star also pleaded guilty to witness tampering charges. There were rumors of B.G. and members of his camp threatening jurors to rule in his favor. Currently, with no plea deal arranged, B.G. could face up to ten years in prison, due to the charges against him.

Federal prosecutor, Jim Letten, is now attempting to delay the court date, which will be the sentencing date for B.G. Letten is objecting due to sentencing guidelines. The information they obtained on B.G. was delivered from a federal prosecutor in Illinois. Originally, the sentencing date was scheduled on March 14, but has a chance of being pushed back.

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