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Pharrell discusses New Projects with Jay-Z

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There was a time, not incredibly long ago, when Jay-Z was the frontman of the rap game. During this period of time, Jay-Z even referred to himself as a “ghetto spokesman.” Jay-Z was considered the voice of the street, because everyone felt they could identify with him. In a short period of time, Jay-Z rose from being simply a popular rapper to being a Fortune 500 CEO.

Jay-Z managed to remain the top rapper in the game, along with being the head of Roc-A-Fella Records, thus making it one of the top record labels, and he was the face of Rocawear. From both a business standpoint and from a personal standpoint, Jay-Z felt he did all he could for hip hop. With this, Jay-Z decided to retire to be in the corporate world, full time.

Retirement did not sit well with Jay-Z, who released an album only three years after his last album. In the time since returning from his retirement, Jay-Z has become less reachable. Now, in 2012, Jay-Z is a very hard man to gain access to. During the promo run for Watch the Throne, Jay-Z granted MTV an interview and he mentioned the possibility of a 2012 sequel.

For years, one of Jay-Z’s top go-to guys has been Pharrell. Each of his last seven albums have featured contributions from Pharrell, both production-wise and with lyrics. Naturally, with Jay-Z planning to release a new album in 2012, Pharrell would be an insider. Speaking with MTV, Pharrell said he and Jay-Z have been in the studio working like crazy. However, he did not reveal exactly what he was working on, but it is safe to assume Pharrell is workin with Jay-Z for both his new solo album and the Watch the Throne sequel.

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