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Pill talks Maybach Music split, Warner Bros., and “The Epidemic” mixtape with

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Pill talks Maybach Music split, Warner Bros., and “The Epidemic” mixtape with

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Today, Pill will finally release The Epidemic and he is making his promotional rounds, discussing various topics. A year ago, Pill was on top of the world, as he gained fame when Rick Ross announced he was the latest artist to sign with Maybach Music. Rick Ross had managed to put together a roster of rappers who were either popular mixtape rappers, or who were not properly promoted on previous labels. Under the MMG label, Wale and Meek Mill experienced tremendous success, while Pill faded into the background.

Throughout 2011, several additional artists were signed to Maybach Music, including Stalley and Teedra Moses. While they both began immediately releasing music with the label, Pill remained relatively silent until the end of the year. In December 2011, Pill released the cover for his mixtape, The Epidemic, and the MMG lettering and logo were notably missing from it. The hip hop media began asking questions about Pill and his label situation, with Rick Ross.

Pill immediately addressed the situation, saying the rumors likely came from Twitter and that everyone signed to Maybach Music was focusing on putting out solo material. A little over a week later, Pill, himself, took to Twitter and had choice words for Maybach Music. While he did not mention his label by name, Pill hinted at Rick Ross not giving his projects the same attention he gave to Wale and Meek Mill. Days after the Twitter rant, Pill did an interview with MTV and revealed he was never signed with the Maybach Music Group, instead he was signed to Warner Bros. and Rick Ross picked him up.

While he wished the situation would have turned out differently, Pill said he holds no ill will against Rick Ross and Maybach Music, something they all agreed on during their interviews. With no album out, Pill told he feels his The Epidemic mixtape will serve as his first official offering. On the streets, Pill released several popular records, but no music videos or radio play resulted when he signed with Warner Bros. and Pill said this is because they probably never took the time to listen to his music. Pill said the label was not focusing on him, at the time, because there were more successful artists on the roster and he was not even upset with their decision.

Acknowledging how record labels have changed from developing artists to rolling with the hot artist at the moment, Pill said it was funny how he was initially the hottest rapper on the Warner Bros. roster, given his mixtape buzz. However, they ultimately decided not to invest in him and help him advance his projects. Even with the hottest producers in the game producing tracks for Pill, the label did not do anything with his music. When speaking on Warner Bros., Pill said they just “didn’t get it.” Pill assumed things would have been different for him, seeing how the head of the company reached out to him and signed him to the label.

Similar to the deal Irv Gotti had Ja Rule under with Def Jam, Pill was directly signed to Warner Bros. Records, yet he was marketed alongside the artists on Maybach Music. Having an opportunity to work with Rick Ross, Pill jumped on the bandwagon. Rick Ross even gave Pill a track on the Self Made, Vol. 1 album. During the summer, Maybach Music introduced Meek Mill with “I’m a Boss” and “Tupac Back,” followed by Wale in the fall with “That Way.” Pill also had a Rick Ross-assisted track, “Pac Man,” but it was not released to radio, nor was a music video filmed for the single. When he asked Rick Ross and the executives at Warner Bros. about the situation, they could not give him an answer.

Eventually, some executives at Warner tried to help Pill, helping him land a collaboration with Gucci Mane. While he recorded another popular song, the music was still not pushed by his label. Pill realizes how much work it takes to record a hit record, but he feels at the end of the day, all it takes is a little money behind the project to make the song into a hit. Even after boasting collaborations with Rick Ross and Gucci Mane, Pill still could not gain the support of his label. When asked if Rick Ross ever tried to alter his style, Pill said Ross never tried to make him change, saying he told the truth in his MTV interview about the situation. asked Pill if he was offended by him being a part of Maybach Music was nothing more than a business deal between Rick Ross and Warner Bros. Records. Pill said he was indeed honored to be a part of the deal because Rick Ross could have taken any hip hop artist signed to Warner to make a part of Maybach Music. In being chosen by Rick Ross, Pill said it is proof Rick Ross did believe in him and his music. The deal with Maybach Music was set to expire after a year, but when the deal expired, Pill was released from both Maybach Music and Warner Bros. Records.

Pill stated The Epidemic will be his final mixtape and his next project will be The Medicine. However, because of his relationship with Warner, Pill is unsure if he will be able to work with Maybach Music. But, if the deal were left up to them, Pill said he could definitely work with his former team again. When asked if he still communicates with Maybach Music, Pill stated he has recently talked with Rick Ross and hung out with Wale when he was in Atlanta last. Once The Epidemic is released, Pill said he will see the reaction he gets and then decide if he will remain independent or go major, once again.

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