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Dom Kennedy talks Maybach Music rumors

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Rick Ross shifted his focus to developing his Maybach Music label following the success of his 2010 album, Teflon Don. The first artist he began recruiting to join the label was Wiz Khalifa, who eventually signed his own deal at Atlantic Records. After missing out on Wiz, Rick Ross successfully added Wale and Meek Mill to his label, along with several other artists who had generated buzz in their local areas.

With Maybach Music, Rick Ross said he wants to have artists from every region and eventually artists from different genres. The reason he signed the deal with Warner Bros. was because they saw his vision and were enthusiastic in helping the vision come to life. In an interview, Rick Ross said the Warner Bros. executives told him Maybach Music had the potential to become the next Cash Money Records.

Following the growth of the label, Rick Ross kept that in mind, as he continued scouting for new talent. Last year, the West Coast experienced a much-welcome return to prominence, due to the efforts of newcomers such as Tyler, the Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Tyga, Dom Kennedy, and others. Of all the artists mentioned, the only one not signed to a label is Dom Kennedy. Among the places with no Maybach Music representatives is the Los Angeles area and Rick Ross is interested in changing that with the addition of Dom Kennedy to his roster.

Due to the time he has spent with Rick Ross, many feel as if there will soon be the announcement of Dom Kennedy signing to the label. During a recent interview with XXL, Dom Kennedy discussed those rumors. The West Coast rapper said he and Rick Ross do not have a business relationship. The relationship Dom Kennedy says he has with Rick Ross is more of a mentorship than anything else. Saying Rick Ross saw a consistent work ethic from him, Dom Kennedy said fans should not rule out the possibility of him signing with Maybach Music eventually. But, he said he would not rule out any deal unless it was presented to him.

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