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Ja Rule talks Prison Time with “The New York Daily News”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since he has been in prison, Ja Rule has been making the best out of a bad situation. As a man in his mid-30s, who was once the most-popular rapper in the world, Ja Rule openly admits he made several bad decisions, which led him to being in prison. Yesterday, the official music video for Ja Rule’s “Real Life Fantasy” premiered. On “Real Life Fantasy,” Ja Rule speaks on the mistakes which led to him being sent to prison.

Ja Rule is currently serving two years in prison for a 2007 gun and drug violation in New York City. While he is out of commission, Ja Rule has kept in touch with his fans through letters. Recently, Ja Rule discussed his prison stint with The New York Daily News. Admittedly, prison is not the place Ja Rule wants to be, but he did say it is a unique experience. Rule said the people he has met, while behind bars, are not the type of people he would have met if he were a free man.

During his time in prison, Ja Rule has met Fortune 500 CEOs and he has become friends with many of them. Dennis Kozlowski is among the Fortune 500 CEOs that have reached out to Ja Rule, who is currently working on getting his GED. Kozlowski told Ja Rule if he needed any help on his work, he could come to him and he also urged Ja Rule to continue his education past getting the GED. Among the advice Kozlowski gave to Ja Rule was telling him to purchase airplane stock and to study business. Ja Rule is now studying college business courses.

It has been confirmed that Ja Rule gets along with all of his cellmates and they all have given the rapper valuable advice.

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