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K’Naan upset with Mitt Romney for his use of “Waving Flag”

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K’Naan upset with Mitt Romney for his use of “Waving Flag”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With most rappers being from poor neighborhoods in many large American cities, the genre identified with the black community. Traditionally, the black community has leaned toward the Democratic Party in politics, since the days of President John F. Kennedy. As a result, the hip hop community has often always supported the Democrats in politics.

Hip hop’s support toward the Democratic Party increased when Barack Obama launched his presidential campaign in 2008. Eventually, Barack Obama would win the presidency, with the help of the hip hop community. Now, four years later, Barack Obama is campaigning for another four years in the White House as President of the United States.

Among the members of the Republican Party running against President Obama is Mitt Romney. Romney is currently the front-runner for the Republican Party nomination. In the past, presidential candidates have used black music for their campaigns. As time has changed, presidential candidates have used rap songs for their campaign, such as Barack Obama using Jay-Z songs in 2008.

K’Naan has experienced a recent string of success. Currently, K’Naan is riding high off the success of his “Waving Flag” single, which has proven popular with Republican voters. Mitt Romney, the Republican frontrunner has been using K’Naan’s “Waving Flag” single over the past few days, but K’Naan is far from a Romeny supporter. Recently, The Source revealed K’Naan had no idea Mitt Romney had been using the song for his campaign and he made it clear he was not supporting Mitt Romney’s campaign.

During a press release, K’Naan revealed he had not been contacted by Mitt Romney’s campaign for permission to use “Waving Flag.” If they had contacted K’Naan about using the song, the rapper said he would not have granted the presidential candidate permission. However, K’Naan said if President Obama were interested in using the song, he would happily grant him permission to use the track. K’Naan is also looking into taking legal action against Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

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