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Too $hort speaks on His Longevity in interview with “The New York Times”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Faces and names often change in the rap game, very few rappers make it past their third album, nor do they often make it past their fifth year in the game. There are rare exceptions to this rule with rappers such as LL Cool J and Jay-Z, who are all fifteen years, plus, veterans. But, during the infancy stages of their careers, Too $hort was a veteran then.

While Too $hort has lasted nearly thirty years in the rap game, he never did rise to become the focal point of the game. However, he commands the respect of everyone in the game, regardless or region, sub-genre, or beef. As hip hop has gone through several transitions and many phenomenons, Too $hort has remained there.

Recently, Too $hort, who is commonly called $hort Dog, was in New York City at the Knitting Factory. The New York Times caught up with the legendary Bay Area rapper while he was in New York. During his interview with the famed newspaper, Too $hort admitted he was 45-years-old and still rapping. Too $hort went on to say he never dyes his gray hairs and he doesn’t lie about his age because he can rap until he dies. In today’s time, many feel rapping is something best left to the young people, but Too $hort is here to stay.

Too $hort’s performance at The Knitting Factory was his first time performing in New York City in his long career. After having a successful performance in New York, Too $hort will return with another performance. During his second performance, Too $hort will have a live band with him.

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