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DMX releasing two New Albums in 2012

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

During the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, DMX was one of the most-popular rappers in the game, but he found himself wanting a new challenge. In 2003, DMX was working on his fifth studio album, titled Grand Champ. The album was to be DMX’ final album, as he was ending his career in order to focus on his ministry.

DMX would sever ties with Def Jam and sign with Columbia Records in 2006 to release his comeback album, Year of the Dog… Again. Noted for its inspirational lead single, “Lord Give Me a Sign,” the album did not do as well as DMX’s previous albums. Before the end of 2006, DMX returned to the studio to work on his next album.

Throughout 2007, DMX suffered several album delays and announced a new label deal in 2008. Despite all the deals, no music came from DMX and he was sent to prison in 2009. At one point, DMX planned to release two new albums, one hardcore, the other gospel, in 2008. However, when he was released from prison, X focused more on his live shows.

Seven Arts Entertainment has acquired Michery Music from David Michery, who recorded a number of tracks with DMX during this period of time. Under the deal with Seven Arts Entertainment, Michery will become CEO of the company and they will release new music from DMX, with the first release being Undisputed. The album does not have a release date, but it will be one of two albums to be released under DMX’ name before the end of 2012.

The Seven Arts label has a distribution deal with Fontana Distribution and will use DMX’s releases to anchor their own label full of hip hop talent.

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