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50 Cent plans Two Album Releases for 2012

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since signing with Interscope Records, fans have gotten used to 50 Cent releasing an album every other year. The first album from 50 Cent on Interscope was his record-breaking Get Rich or Die Tryin’. With the album becoming a major success, 50 Cent released another album in 2003 with his G-Unit crew. Before he delayed his second solo Interscope album, 50 Cent planned to release his sophomore effort in 2004.

In 2007, 50 Cent intended to continue his run of releasing multi-platinum albums. 50 Cent planned to release Curtis in 2007, followed by Before I Self Destruct in 2008. Curtis met its release in 2007, but was only a platinum album. Due to the low (for 50 Cent) sales of his album, 50 Cent began publicly calling out Interscope Records, eventually Jimmy Iovine and mentor Dr. Dre. Controvery began building and the follow-up, Before I Self Destruct was delayed until 2009 and did not sell well.

50 Cent, as an artist used to selling millions on every album, was highly upset with the poor sales and critical reception of his fourth studio album. The falling star was so upset, he entered a new deal with EMI Records to release a few G-Unit albums. While 50 Cent has made moves out of the Interscope door, he still owes the label one more album. In 2009, 50 Cent announced his next album would be released in 2010, but the album was met with several delays throughout both 2010 and 2011. Keeping his promise with fans, 50 Cent did release a project in 2011 in the form of his The Big 10.

Making it up to his fans, 50 Cent promised to make up for his three-year absence from making albums. 50 Cent said he plans to release two new albums in 2012. If things go according to his plan, 50 Cent wants to release one album in the coming months and the second one towards the end of the year. With so much music recorded, 50 Cent said he has more than enough material to put into a couple of albums.

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  1. Hey 50 I cannot wait for my men to be back with nigga who keep saying shit about you they that you not make any album ,like i say my frien cause everytime i went when say you my favorite art they keep saying that i have to choose anyone else just because its been along time that you dont make any album but any way i still love what you did men cause for you the only arts that can make me do the right thing .Cause you dont make album but you still make money alright my friend just keep it up dont worry about what people who dont you or understood what you doing like i said just understand that i`m the on who still like what you did no matterwhat. ( is TKS MY FRIEND)

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