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Common says he likes Drake’s music in Rolling Stone interview

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For a little over a month, there has been an ongoing war of words between Common and Drake. Common has been in the game for nearly twenty years and has been known as non-confrontational, for the most part. Meanwhile, Drake has stated, several times, he does not entertain beef. Somehow, these two rappers ended up becoming rivals regardless. Even though both state different reasons, many feel the root of their beef stems from Serena Williams.

Recently, the “feud” between Drake and Common reached new heights, with the release of Rick Ross’ mixtape single, “Stay Schemin’.” On the song, Drake fires back at Common’s disses, without calling him out by name. Upon hearing the song, Common added a verse to it. On Common’s freestyled verse, he hits back at Drake, calling him “Canada Dry,” among other names. Several times, in Common’s verse, he calls Drake out by name.

It was then when it looked like the beef was going to reach new heights. However, Birdman discussed the ongoing issues and said Drake will not respond to Common. When Common discussed the war of words with Drake, he said he saw it as a challenge. Denying any hard feelings over Serena Williams, Common said he is doing this for hip hop. During his interview with Rolling Stone, Common said he felt some things Drake said were aimed at him, so he decided to address it. Now that he has gotten his point across, Common said he is ready to move on.

Common went on to say if something else were to happen, he would have to again respond, but if not, their feud will cease. Stating there was never anything personal between he and Drake, Common admitted to being a fan of Drake’s music. Looking back on things, Common said his feud with Drake was all about the art of rhyming.

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