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Tyga causes riot in San Diego after failing to Perform

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As of late, Tyga has been filling the news headlines, but not for reasons he would likely wish. A mug shot of Tyga began circulating the internet last week, following his arrest in Las Vegas. The next day, it was revealed his delayed album, Careless World, has no release date. Still, Tyga has remained popular, likely because of his popular “Rack City” single.

In San Diego, Tyga was so popular, his no-show led to a riot. Earlier this month, Tyga was scheduled to perform at the World Beat Center in San Diego. When it became apparent Tyga was not showing up, over 1,000 concert-goers trashed the venue. Things got out of hand and the San Diego Police Department was called by security for backup.

The SDPD eventually cleared the scene, but the World Beat Center was already damaged. Floors and walls were destroyed and the blame falls upon Tyga. The manager of the WBC announced Tyga will be banned from life, meaning he can never even visit the venue.

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