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Shyne talks ending feud with Diddy on MTV [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2009, Diddy announced he had spoke with Shyne and that he went to visit him in prison. Days later, Shyne was released from prison and had a different story to tell. Shyne, angry with Diddy over the incident which landed him in prison, said Diddy had not reached out to him and the two still had beef. During this time, it was announced Shyne had been deported and had a week to leave the United States.

Two and a half years have passed since Shyne was released from prison and things have drastically changed for the former Bad Boy rapper. Shyne has found religion, now a Muslim, and has spent time in Jerusalem, learning about his roots. While getting in touch with his spiritual side, Shyne has continued to work on new music, running into criticism about his new style.

Shyne recently spoke with MTV News about his reunion with Diddy. During his interview with MTV News, Shyne admitted Diddy did reach out to him while he was in prison. Still angry with how things turned out, Shyne did state he was not ready to forgive his former boss. The animosity is a thing of the past and now the two plan to meet in Paris, France to discuss where they go from here.

Watch Shyne’s interview with MTV News below:

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