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Is Common hurting himself by dissing Drake?

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The world was first introduced to Common in the early 1990s, when he referred to himself under the moniker Common Sense. During this period of time, Common Sense offered an alternative to the hardcore gangster raps, which filled the hip hop scene. In spite of his peaceful and intellectual style, Common Sense was still drug into the brewing beef between the East Coast and West Coast hip hop scene.

Had Common been able to decide, he would have avoided beef, altogether. At the time, a young Common recorded a song about the changes in hip hop. The song, “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” was taken as a diss by Ice Cube and his Westside Connection. From there, the veteran Ice Cube began dissing Common. While his mantra was peace, Common proved he was no pushover, when he retaliated.

After making peace with Ice Cube, Common returned to crafting beautiful songs, which bring emotion and force people to think. Along the way, Common has also expanded, landing movie and television roles. For the most part, it seemed as if Common had become a successful rapper without being the stereotypical rapper. Nearly every rapper in the game, especially those from the 1990s, have been involved with a major feud with another major artist, which helped to solidify their career.

Common did indeed engage in a feud, but the feud with Ice Cube was not the defining moment of his career. Seventeen years after his legendary feud with Ice Cube, Common found himself in the middle of more controversy when his “Sweet” single was released. Upon being leaked to the internet, many felt Common was taking shots at Drake. The former television star, Drake, has been releasing music since 2009 and has risen to become one of the most-popular rappers in the game. Fresh off the release of his second album, Drake is focusing on what his next project will be and working with the people on his team.

Suddenly an emcee song from Common has led to he and Drake exchanging disses. So far, Common does have the upper hand in the lyrical battle against Drake, but his verse on “Stay Schemin'” was so far from the Common the hip hop world has come to know and love. The Common who added the final verse on that song was not the same Common who delivered such tracks as “The Light” and “Come Close.” On the freestyle of “Stay Schemin’,” Common came off as a bully, insulting Drake for more than his lyrical prowess, but also for his race, where he is from, and his overall style.

In the eyes of many, Common had elevated from being just a rapper, evolving into an entertainer. Following a three-year hiatus, Common is now back in the rap game and involved in a feud. Perhaps the most-shocking part of Common’s feud is the fact he is going at a relative new-comer, who is at least fourteen years his junior. Will Common’s quest to win a hip hop battle with Drake cost him a little respect in the long-run?

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