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DMX’s attacker breaks his Silence

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last week, DMX made headlines when he was reportedly jumped on stage in Long Beach. The video of the Ruff Ryder being attacked made its rounds on the internet, appearing on various hip hop websites and other outlets. As DMX was preparing to perform a song, a random man jumped onto the stage and grabbed DMX by the throat.

Security removed the man from DMX and put him into a strong chokehold. Immediately after he was removed from the stage, DMX continued rapping as if nothing ever happened. DMX was released from prison this summer and has been working on his comeback album ever since. As he works on new music, the Yonkers rapper has been performing around the country.

The man who attacked DMX during his Long Beach performance has come forward. Skateboard legend, Andy Roy is the man who choked DMX. Roy said he did not mean any harm, when he jumped on the stage. All Roy intended to do was give DMX a hug. The skater said he wanted to give X a Top Ramen hug, since they were both recently released from jail.

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