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Keith Murray talks Tupac Shakur, “I Shot Ya,” and Career with Def Jam on

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Keith Murray talks Tupac Shakur, “I Shot Ya,” and Career with Def Jam on

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Critics often say they wish hip hop would return to its roots. During the 1990s, there were not many complaining about hip hop. New York City was at the forefront and there were several rappers on the scene making hits. LL Cool J would usually acknowledge these rappers when he would release an album. It became customary for LL Cool J to feature several of New York’s elite on a posse cut single, among the most-popular was the “I Shot Ya (remix).”

Keith Murray, one of the biggest names from New York during this period of time, was featured on both the original “I Shot Ya” and the remix. A year before the song was released, Tupac Shakur was shot at Quad Studios in New York City. Immediately after being shot, Shakur blamed The Notorious B.I.G. and the roster of Bad Boy Records. It was not long before Tupac Shakur had issues with every rapper in the hip hop scene in New York, and soon the East Coast.

Months after he was shot, “I Shot Ya” was released and Tupac assumed the New York rappers were talking about him. Keith Murray discussed this during his conversation with Young Jack Thriller for There have been rumors circulating about Keith Murray claiming to have beaten Tupac Shakur up. Before the interview had even started, Keith Murray wanted to clear the air about this and offered an apology to Afeni Shakur. Keith Murray said he always had nothing but love and respect for Tupac Shakur, but Shakur did confront him about the song, after which the two shook hands.

Further evaluating the situation, Keith Murray said the media creates issues where they do not truly exist. Murray noticed how video clips will have an title, which is completely different from what is really said. The clip in which Keith Murray talks about Tupac Shakur, Murray says he knows who released the clip and he said they are wrong for how they worded it. Keith Murray went on to say he will find the people who worked on the clip in the streets and will go street on them. Murray said he does not like when his words are twisted and the meaning is completely changed.

When asked about things he wished he could do over, Keith Murray reflected about his time with Def Jam. There were rumors of Murray getting into an altercation with a Def Jam employee and seriously injuring him. Murray spoke on this, saying he wishes he had not been so aggressive with the employee. Keith Murray revealed he was in Texas when the altercation took place and the employee called the New York offices and his finances with Def Jam were messed up, due to the fight. While Keith Murray admits he was wrong for being so aggressive, he said the Def Jam employee did exaggerate his injuries and said he was jumped, when it was a fair fight.

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