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Common calls Drake out on “Stay Schemin'” freestyle [AUDIO]

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Common calls Drake out on “Stay Schemin'” freestyle [AUDIO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past few months, Common and Drake have been sparring through the media. Three years had passed since Common last released an album. With his previous album met with mixed reviews, Common knew he had to put forth his best effort on his next album. His comeback album, The Dreamer, The Believer was met with positive reviews and the song which stuck out was “Sweet.”

During Common’s time off, Drake rose to take over the game. In 2009, Drake signed with Young Money and he soon gained superstatus status. With Lil Wayne in prison, in 2010, he turned to Drake to keep the name relevant. Drake’s style captured several fans and gained him several high-profile collaborations. His debut album was met with critical acclaim and Drake even began spending time with Serena Williams.

However, as Drake geared up for his second album, many began calling him “soft.” When Common leaked his “Sweet” record, many felt it was aimed at Drake. Upon hearing the song, Drake went off on a rant during one of his performances, talking about people who have issues with him. On his verse on Rick Ross’ new track, “Stay Schemin’,” many felt as if Drake responded to the lines.

From the beginning, Common admitted “Sweet” was not aimed at anyone, it was speaking on soft rappers in general. Common went on to say if Drake had issues with the song, he must be a soft rapper. After hearing “Stay Schemin’,” Common has jumped on the track and calls Drake out by name. Among other things, Common calls Drake half black and half white, trying to live a nigga’s life, he calls Drake Canada Dry, he also says everyone knows he is “Sweet,” so he does not see what the problem is. Common ends the verse with “make no mistake, I’m talking to Drake.”

Listen to “Stay Schemin'” freestyle by Common below:

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