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French Montana discusses Rick Ross, Bad Boy Records, Max B, and Debut Album with DJ Whoo Kid for

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Not since the days of 50 Cent has there been an artist from New York to emerge with the type of buzz French Montana has had. Since 2009, French Montana has been making moves, but his buzz did not begin to truly mount until 2010-2011. In the time since then, everyone has wanted to work with French Montana.

After everything took off, several labels lined up to sign French Montana. At the end of the day, French Montana signed with Bad Boy Records. Despite signing with Bad Boy, French will be working closely with Rick Ross. When he was still rising, French Montana received a major co-sign from Rick Ross.

Speaking with DJ Whoo Kid, for, French Montana spoke on how he was being black-balled for some time. French Montana compared his situation to 50 Cent’s situation a decade earlier. Despite all the forces against him, French Montana was able to emerge and now has a major label deal.

French Montana said he signed with Bad Boy Records because he did not trust anyone besides Diddy to handle his project. Speaking on his new boss, French Montana called Diddy the ultimate promoter. While several labels lined up to sign him, it was Diddy who delivered everything he asked for when he asked for it. With Diddy being the one to make things happen for French Montana, this was the reason he chose to sign with his label, but he kept Rick Ross invovled, naming him the executive producer for his upcoming debut album.

Long before the days of partying with Rick Ross and Diddy in Miami, French Montana was hanging out with Max B. Once considered the “next big thing,” Max B’s career quickly fizzled. When asked about his alliance with Max B, French Montana said he has no issues still being on the same team with him. French Montana has inherited several of Max B’s beefs, but he countered saying Max B also inherited a number of his beefs, as well.

The year of 2012 is proving to be a big year for French Montana, as he is preparing to release his debut album and he has several high-profile collaborations coming up. French Montana will begin 2012 with the music video for Rick Ross’ “Rich Forever” single. In the music video, French will appear alongside DJ Khaled, Drake, Meek Mill, and Rick Ross. French Montana will also be working with Cash Money Records, as he has a collaboration with Busta Rhymes on the way.

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