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Miss Meia talks Independence, Running Businesses, and SpazOut Radio

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

DJ Tay Don’t Play has been on an incredible run over the past few years. In the eyes of many, it seems as if he has made these accomplishments alone. However, behind the scenes, he is working hand in hand with his wife, Miss Meia, and he is not shy about setting the record straight. Miss Meia primarily stays behind the scenes, but she is passionate about her work and loves talking about it any chance she gets.

For six years, Miss Meia has been by DJ Tay Don’t Play’s side, but they have known each other since middle school. The couple has watched the other grow and develop for well over a decade and they are indeed proud of their accomplishments. While they take pride in what has transpired, they both agree they have much more to accomplish before they are done.

With 2012 here, another major addition to the Spaz Out movement will be Spaz Out Radio. The radio station has the Spaz Out name on it, but Miss Meia runs that show. Very ambitious, she has a lot planned after the radio station. She discussed this and much more with Hip Hop Vibe in an exclusive interview.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you and DJ Tay Don’t Play first meet? I first met Tay at Pattengill Junior High.

Would you call it love at first sight or not? No, he was a bad boy and I was sheltered, so it wasn’t love at first sight. We were friends, but no love interest until we were older. We didn’t start dating until the end of 2004, we got together beginning of 2005.

Did running the business come natural to you, or did you struggle early on? Running SpazOut Radio has been something pretty natural for me, I am a very business minded person, and since I was very young I have been told by many people that I had the mind of a CEO, I just pray to have the wisdom and hustle of a Fortune 500 CEO in 2012 and beyond!

Unfortunately, in today’s society, most women are only after what they can get out of men. You represent the polar opposite of that stereotype, how do you feel about “gold diggers,” especially those in the hip hop industry? Gold diggers are pathetic! To target a man for any reason is unnatural. I really think that more of these guys need to start creating specific dating rules, to make sure that the chick he is dating isn’t after his money.

Can you speak on Spaz Out Radio? I own and operate SpazOut Radio, it is our brainchild. I have personally invested thousands and have found some of SpazOut Radio’s biggest investors because the SpazOut Movement is something that I love, I’m part creator of, and I believe in it. SpazOut Radio was created at an outlet to underground/real street music from underground and real street artists; to give them a platform from which to be heard. We felt by integrating some of the hottest local artists we could find with some of the biggest industry names along with comedy and news, that there was no way that people wouldn’t look, there’s no way they shouldn’t support the movement and pay attention.

How do you manage running a business and being a great parent to your child? I try my best to include her, she’s only three now, but most times when I’m posting and promoting, she’s right in my lap. When she’s older SpazOut Radio will be hers.

In 2012, do you see yourself branching out into businesses outside of Spaz Out? In 2012, I see my possibilities being endless, and am open to work with all businesses and individuals who want to work with me.

What is your take on the phrase: “behind every good man is a strong woman?” It’s the truth, a woman who stands behind and supports her man has to be strong and have a backbone. That is going to support the both of them.

With you and your husband at the helm, where do you see the Spaz Out movement before the end of 2012? Hopefully the SpazOut Movement will be integrated into households worldwide by the end of 2012

Did you successfully meet your goals in 2011? I would say I exceeded my goals for 2011 and am actually much further than I had originally suspected I would be at this time, so yes!

What is one positive message you want to leave to all of your followers and to the readers of this interview for 2012? My message isnt my own it’s something I heard Bishop T.D,, Jakes say, but it spoke to me.

“Often we don’t give ourselves permission to succeed. Nor do we appreciate people who look like us and are successful. Surround yourself with those who won’t compete with you but will revel in your success and see your ascent as a reflection of their own possibilities. And don’t forget that success is not just cash in the bank or degrees on the wall; it is living out your life’s purpose. It is being all you can be.”

What major deals are you working on to start off the New Year? I have the booking deal with Bubba Rashad. I was with Tay, during a conference they had together and Bubba asked me what I do. I asked him what his promotional needs were and, from there, we began working together. From there, we have much more in the works.

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