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Young Buck closing in on Cash Money deal, may change Rap Alias

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

By many, Young Buck is best-known for his days as a member of G-Unit Records. However, before he was a member of G-Unit, Young Buck was signed to Cash Money Records. Waiting on his project, Young Buck soon joined forces with 50 Cent and he joined G-Unit/Interscope. By 2004, Young Buck released his debut album, Straight Outta Cashville, and was a platinum rapper.

Three years would pass before Young Buck would release his next album. During his time off, Young Buck began various business ventures, including his own record label. Young Buck was preparing his own label, while denying any issues with 50 Cent and G-Unit. As Young Buck prepared his third album for a 2008 release, his issues with 50 Cent were released to the public. 50 Cent revealed the phone conversation between he and Young Buck on the radio and the feud began and the financial problems of Young Buck were revealed.

At one point a multimillionaire, Young Buck was having trouble paying his bills. 50 Cent revealed he lended $10 million to the rapper, as Buck fought to be released from G-Unit Records. Young Buck ended his beef with 50 Cent and attempted to play nice with him, which led to his diss record, “So Disrespectful.” After battling with legal issues and issues in business, Young Buck was finally released from his contract with G-Unit and he has been in discussion with various labels. Recently, Young Buck has been in discussions with his former label, Cash Money Records. In recent months, Cash Money Records have added several veterans to their roster.

However, with his bankruptcy, Young Buck has been forced to liquidate his assets. In need of money, Young Buck is even close to selling the trademark to his ‘Young Buck’ name.

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