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Common talks Drake’s response to “Sweet”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2011, many rappers have switched roles and many big names have had a very unsuccessful year, as several new artists emerged. While Common has managed to remain ahead of the curve, he finds himself in an unfamiliar role. Usually, Common is known as a peaceful rapper, spreading intellectual rhymes about all aspects of life.

However, in 2011, Common has been involved in his fair share of controversy. Following his visit at the White House, this spring, Fox News labeled Common a “gangsta rapper.” Upset with the statement, Common engaged in a minor media war with Bill O’Reilly. Recently, Common has been exchaning comments with Maya Angelou over their collaboration on The Dreamer, The Beleiver.

When Common leaked his “Sweet” track, many felt as if he was taking shots at Drake. Common said the track was aimed at whoever was offended by it. Drake soon responded to the track, saying he avoids beef because his name is never mentioned. The Toronto rapper went on to say if anyone does have a problem with him, they should say it to his face.

Speaking on the song during an interview with 107.5 WGCI, Common said hip hop is like stepping into the ring. While “Sweet” was not directly aimed at Drake, if he takes offense to the song, Common will not lose any sleep over it. Common said, in response to Drake’s “say it to my face,” he is keeping it hip hop and the track is calling out soft rappers. The Chicago rapper went on to compare the song to Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.,” where auto-tune king, T-Pain, assumed the track was directed at him and responded.

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