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Hottie of the Week: M. Benz

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Regardless of the profession a person chooses, hard work and dedication are the key if one ever hopes to be successful. If there is one person who understands this, it is definitely M. Benz. M. Benz has made quite a name for herself in the Las Vegas, Nevada nightlife. While she has had the chance to rub shoulders with many of the elite in the entertainment industry, M. Benz still holds on to her day job.

M. Benz works in the medical field, helping people on a daily basis. Both her day job and her job in the nightlife bring her satisfaction. While her modeling career has taken off, M. Benz never neglects her obligations, promising to stay grounded. It has been her humble attitude, which has made M. Benz successful, along with her dedication to her career.

Hoping to land in the sheets of VIBE, KING, and other popular magazines, M. Benz sat down for an exclusive interview, in which she discussed her day role, the Las Vegas nightlife, and a number of other topics.

Read the entire interview below:

How long have you been into modeling? Since I was 19.

Was it your own drive, or suggestions that led you to modeling? Actually both!

What is it like being a model in Las Vegas? It is great! There is a lot of local love out here!

While you are a model, what is your regular job? I work in the medical field, M-F.

Has modeling ever conflicted with your routine work? Yes, of course, but I always stay grounded and make my primary job priority then modeling on the side is my second job!

Have you ever fallen victim to the “superstar mentality”? Not really, I realize and never forget where I came from!

Are you pleased with the way things have gone for you this year? I am very pleased. I have been working my butt off and it is showing!

Going forward, what do you see for yourself? I definitely see myself in KING magazine, VIBE, and even Playboy

What words of advice, if any, have stuck with you until the present day? My mother has always said to me that anything is attainable just as long as you work hard for it!

If you could ever leave a word of advice to anyone hoping to follow in your footsteps, what would it be? Stay focused, never lose your focus regardless of what people may say. Stay true to yourself and aim high!

What type of modeling work do you see for yourself in the next few months? Definitely more fashion-inspired modeling!

Who serves as your inspiration to keep going every day? God, family, friends, and supporters. I love you all!

See additional photos of M. Benz below:

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