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Ice Cube says fourth “Friday” is on the way

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 1995, Ice Cube created a cult classic with his street comedy film, Friday. Ice Cube starred in the drama film, Boyz in the Hood, four years earlier. The film showed how life was on the streets of Los Angeles. While the film gave people a direct look into the struggle, there was also a lot of good that came from the streets. Following the success of Boyz in the Hood, Ice Cube began writing his own film, which became Friday.

Friday, which featured an all-star cast, including John Witherspoon, Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac, Nia Long, and a host of others. With Friday being such a success, fans desperately wanted a sequel to the classic film. However, five years would go by without a seuqel to Friday. In 2000, Ice Cube delivered the second installment, Next Friday. While the film was popular, fans were upset because many of the original cast members were replaced.

Among the people replaced were Chris Tucker’s ‘Smokey.’ Chris Tucker was replaced with Mike Epps, who played Ice Cube’s ‘Craig’ cousin ‘Day Day.’ While Mike Epps quickly became an instrumental part of the Friday series, fans still wanted Chris Tucker to reprise his role as ‘Smokey.’ In 2002, when Friday After Next was released, many fans were upset because most of the original cast had been replaced by newcomers with no mention of the characters from the first movie. In 2007, there were rumors of a fourth Friday in the works, but Chris Tucker turned the role down because of his religion.

However, earlier today, Ice Cube announced a fourth Friday would be released and that Chris Tucker would be a part of the upcoming film, along with several other members of the original cast.

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