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Future speaks on “Tony Montana,” Lil Wayne, and Drake

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Future speaks on “Tony Montana,” Lil Wayne, and Drake

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As the spring of 2011 arrived, two new artists emerged, YC and Future. The two rose to fame behind the hit single, “Racks.” While YC has struggled to land another hit single, Future quickly came back with another hit single. Towards the end of May, Future released his “Tony Montana” track, named after the protagonist of the classic Scarface film.

“Tony Montana” quickly became one of the most-popular tracks on the streets. On a daily basis, rappers of all levels began freestyling over the track. Through the freestyles, “Tony Montana” became increasingly popular. Future, the creator of the song, was soon approached by Drake to do a remix of the song. With the popularity of Drake, Future quickly agreed to the remix.

During an interview with Karmaloop TV, Future discussed how his collaboration with Drake came to be, in the first place. Drake had been following Future long before “Tony Montana” was released, admitting he was a fan of the 1000 and Dirty Sprite mixtapes. After talking with Drake, Future said they agreed to do a remix of “Tony Montana.”

“Tony Montana” also caught the attention of Lil Wayne, but Future decided not to have him on the song. Lil Wayne had plans of adding the “Tony Montana (remix)” to his upcoming mixtape. While the song would have had more exposure and would have made Future a bigger name, he turned Lil Wayne down. Future said he had to turn Lil Wayne down because the song would have been viewed by the public as another Lil Wayne song.

When the “Tony Montana (remix)” became popular, Future recorded and released “Magic.” Future said he had to focus on his next hit, after the success of his “Tony Montana” single. Upon being released from prison, T.I. jumped on the “Magic (remix).” Already, Future has some of the hottest mixtape singles. Many of hip hop’s elite have been impressed with Future, remixing his singles, which only does more to boost his profile.

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