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Malice, of The Clipse, said Depression led him to Find God

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A year ago, Pusha T announced he was taking his career solo. For years, Pusha T was one half of the duo, The Clipse, with his brother, Malice. It did not take long for Pusha T to land a record deal with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music. Within months, Pusha T was featured on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the comeback album from Kanye West.

Many felt as if Pusha T was alienating Malice and advancing his own solo career. Recently, Malice discussed this and he admitted it was his idea for Pusha T to launch his solo career. Malice also announced he would begin his solo career. However, Malice said he would begin the New Year with a new name.

While Pusha T has been rapping about God, Malice has been building a personal relationship. It turns out, the Virginia rapper has battling depression. Malice revealed he initially only wanted a big house and a nice car. But, when he became successful in the entertainment industry, Malice soon discovered it was not enough and he found himself wanting more.

It was then when Malice felt himself slipping into depression. Also, being a celebrity, Malice found himself doing things, such as smoking marijuana and drinking. While he believed in God, Malice said he was openly going against the word. One day, Malice said he told himself he wanted to be happy and he changed his life. Now, Malice is working on new music, but he has a different theme this time around.

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