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T.I. speaks on Writing Music since Prison Release

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Unlike his previous release from prison, T.I. hit the ground running, when he was released from prison in September. Despite only being free from prison for only three months, it seems as if T.I. has been a free man for well over a year. Currently, the Grand Hustle CEO is starring in his own reality show with his wife, Tiny, while also working on his Trouble Man album. T.I. recently discussed the outlook of his career with VIBE.

T.I. revealed the trauma from prison nearly rendered him unable to write music. During his time behind bars, T.I. was able to come up with a few lines and hooks, but he was unable to complete full songs. However, once he was free from prison, T.I. re-gained his abilities and began writing new songs. Having been free for three months, T.I. says he is now better than he ever was.

According to T.I., inner strength is required when trying to create something, such as music, while being in a situation similar to prison. T.I. says being in prison manages to kill a part of your spirit and it makes the creative process much more difficult. While T.I. had several song concepts, he could not put together a full song until he returned to the life he was living before he was sent to prison.

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