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RZA advises Jay-Z on Fatherhood

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Throughout his career, Jay-Z has often rapped about his relationship with his father. Early in his career, Jay-Z did not have anything positive to say about his father. It was after his rise to fame when Jay-Z finally had the chance to mend fences with his father. As soon as their relationship was put on track, Jay-Z lost his father. Among the mogul’s biggest regrets is the time he missed with his father.

Earlier this year, Jay-Z made a brief return to the rap game with his Kanye West-assisted comeback album, Watch the Throne. The album contains the track, “New Day,” in which both rappers talk to their unborn sons. RZA produced the track and both Jay-Z and Kanye West reference him during the opening of the track.

Weeks after the release of Watch the Throne, Beyonce, Jay-Z’s wife of three years, revealed her pregnancy. In the time since then, the news has been closely following Jay-Z and Beyonce’s first child together. Their child is due during the early stages of 2012 and everyone has provided input about the child.

RZA, the producer of “New Day,” recently offered a bit of advice to Jay-Z. The famed rapper/producer has a six-year-old son of his own.

Read RZA’s comments about Jay-Z’s fatherhood below:

What can I say? It’s hard to tell somebody about their own. A father is not only He Who Fat Her; no, but it’s somebody who also furthers. Further the education of others. And if you could do that for your seed, then you doing what you do. You doing the right thing. We grew up without fathers. I’m quite sure he had the same situation as me: father absent. So we turned to the streets, music, and other things for a father.

Be there. You know what I mean? Because a father is the one who will further a child’s education.

I did a song that I put out for ODB’s memory, it’s called “Gone.” I said a line in there, it says: “Through our seeds, we all reach eternity.” I believe that. Through our children—now you immortal. Now you are immortal. Your genes will go, go, go, go.

 You get married, and the preacher says, “What God has joined, let no man put asunder.” That’s impossible. “Asunder” means separate. Our divorce rate is big in our country. The true marriage is the sperm and the egg. Because when those two things combine and form a life, you can’t separate. You can’t separate your father and your mother out of you. Nor will your children be able to. It’s eternally enjoined.”

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