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Hottie of the Week: Miss Fabulosity

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Miss Fabulosity

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Each year, people tend to look back over the past twelve months and contemplate their successes and their failures. Many people find themselves disappointed with the stagnation in their lives and hope the New Year will bring them more success. With the year coming to a close, Miss Fabulosity is living the life many women dream of.

Miss Fabulosity lives in Rochester, New York and has been doing photoshoots and models for rising clothing line, BiPolar Couture. Through her work with the clothing line, Miss Fabulosity will be spending time in North Carolina in 2012. Those who are not close to the rising model would guess she has been modeling for years.

While many assume Miss Fabulosity is a veteran in the modeling game, she recently started her career, after prompting from family and friends. A few weeks ago, Hip Hop Vibe reached out to her for an interview and she kindly agreed to speak with us.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you decide to take modeling seriously? I started modeling this year.

Beforehand, how long did you consider modeling? I never really looked into modeling, or knew what it was about, until after hearing so many friends, family, and Facebook friends telling me I had to do it. So, I finally woke up one day and decided this was something I should look into.

Once you began modeling, who did you work with? My first shoot was with a local photographer, Hoyte Photography, which then led to me working with photographer, John Breedy, for an ad campaign with clothing designers of BiPolar Couture (NYC Fashion Week designer). Since then, I have worked with local artists and photographers, such as Petey Coleon, Chris Johnson, and L’z Da Don on music videos. Recently, I was been featured in HipHopStardom Magazine’s November issue.

Did this work lead to you getting consistent jobs? Yes.

When did your work begin to spread outside of your local area and into other markets? So far, I have worked with artists and photographers in NY but have been contacted for future and upcoming work in other states. Coming up first is a fashion show in North Carolina for clothing designer, BiPolar Couture.

Have you had the opportunity to work in other places where your fan base is large? New York is my largest fan base and where most of my work has been done.

How are you handling your popularity? I love it! I’ve been used to it for a while now, but I am humble about it. Very thankful to have a great friends and supporters behind me!

Can you tell us about your work with BiPolar Couture? I started out doing an ad campaign/press release for designers, Aqueelah Abdullah and Sharelle Campbell, for a magazine article featuring their line and clothes, as well as their line’s press photo at NYC Fashion Week 2011. Since then, I am now currently working as a BiPolar Couture Model and looking forward to the up and coming Mode Noir Fashion Week in North Carolina.

Will you soon be doing photoshoot for other brands? As of now, they are my only one, but I am definently interested in working with other clothing lines as well.

Do you see yourself possibly entering the arena of acting in the future? I have worked in theatre a little bit, growing up. It is not my main focus, but it is something that I still have a little interest for. But, modeling and music videos are more my style.

How do you intend to close out 2011 and do you consider the year a success or a failure? I do consider myself as having a very successful year, seeing as I just started in March and I have already accomplished this much in so little time. I am greatful for it and hope to end this year with a few more video shoots, as well as a couple business ventures I am working on. Hopefully, within this next year you will see Christina De La Hoya on your tv!

Before you end your career, what is one thing you want to be known for? A SUCCESSFULl “Multi-Racial” model, who made it to the top and out of the city of Rochester by pushing through everything and anything instead of taking the easy road to the top.

See additional photos of Miss Fabulosity below:

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