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B.G.’s trial begins in December

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Back in 2009, B.G. landed in hot water with law enforcement when he was stopped and searched. Upon finding guns in the vehicle, B.G. was charged with conspiracy. B.G. claimed the weapons were not in the vehicle when he first entered and he pled not guilty to the charges in February 2010. If found guilty, B.G. faces ten years in prison.

With the trial set to start next month, things are not looking good for B.G. The rapper reportedly attempted to force two men to take the fall for the crime. Already, one of the other men involved has been sentenced to twenty-two years in prison. The third man, who took the blame, is cooperating with law enforcement and serving 30 months.

B.G. already has an extensive criminal background of guns and drugs. The trial for the rapper begins on December 12.

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