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Birdman says Nicki Minaj’s second album coming Early 2012

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When Cash Money Records is not expanding their roster, they are preparing for a high-profile album release. Last year was big for the label through Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint, as their stars, Drake and Nicki Minaj, took over the game. While Drake released his album during the summer of 2010, Nicki Minaj dominated the entire year through her collaborations.

During the summer of 2010, Nicki Minaj released her “Your Love” single, which immediately gained significant radio play. Nicki Minaj followed the release of her summer single with her debut album, Pink Friday, during the fall of 2010. Immediately following Pink Friday‘s release, fans were already waiting for Nicki Minaj’s second album.

Nicki Minaj promised the fans she would soon release her sophomore album. She originally intended to release her album during the fall of 2011. However, with releases coming from ten artists on Cash Money, Nicki’s plans were changed. Now, it seems as if fans will have to wait until the New Year to hear a full new album from Nicki Minaj.

Fresh off the signings of Busta Rhymes and Mystikal, Birdman discussed Nicki Minaj’s next album. He announced she was hard at work on her new album and that it may be here soon after the ball drops for 2012. Before the end of the year, Nicki Minaj may drop the first single from her second album.

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