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Drake recording “Take Care” follow-up

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, Drake made the jump from being one of the hottest rappers on the mixtape scene to the face of hip hop with his Thank Me Later debut. Immediately following his debut album, fans were already expecting to hear a new album from Drake. Obliging his fans, Drake announced he would release his next album in 2011.

Initially, Drake said the album would be titled Moments. However, during the spring of 2011, it was announced that Drake would instead name his album Take Care. In the time since the release of Take Care, Drake has been all over the place. Less than a week following the successful release of his second album, fans are already expecting a third album.

For those fans who are already waiting on another album from Drake, he has a new release already planned. During a radio interview with Wild 94.1, Drake announced he already had his new album in the works. When he was discussing his third album, Drake said his new album is in the works and he has already completed the first song off the album.

Since releasing his second album, Drake now considers himself more of an “album artist” and he has semi-retired from the mixtape game he initially dominated. With albums, Drake said he has more time and energy to place into his music, but his mixtapes are done completely free and they do not require as much work. However, Drake puts just as much energy into his mixtapes, as he does his albums. Critics and fans all agreed So Far Gone was an album, many said it was 2009’s best album.

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