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Kendrick Lamar speaks on Just Blaze collaborations and “Detox”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The year of 2011 has been very beneficial for the West Coast hip hop scene, as several new artists have emerged. Kendrick Lamar has been trying to break through over the past eight years. All of his hard work paid off in a major way in 2011, with his collaborations with Just Blaze, Game, Dr. Dre, and co-signs from Snoop Dogg and other veterans.

Kendrick Lamar is now considered an insider over at Aftermath Entertainment and knows about Detox. The last information about the album came from Kendrick, as he said the album was being mixed. While Detox still hangs in the balance, Kendrick Lamar has been steadily making more moves. Aside from Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar has been working with Just Blaze and he said they have several hits in store.

The two met when Kendrick Lamar approached Just Blaze during a recording session. Kendrick Lamar said he humbled himself and told him who he was and about his aspiring career. Just Blaze was impressed with the Compton rapper and the two were already planning collaborations by the time they shared a studio again. While working with Just Blaze has been confirmed, the rumors about K. Dot being featured on the next Detox single are nothing more than rumors, as far as Kendrick Lamar knows.

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