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Drake speaks on “Fancy” video and Fans’ Perception of His Emotional Side

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Four days from now, Drake will return with his sophomore album, Take Care. The album comes just a year after his debut album, Thank Me Later. While fans loved Drake’s debut album, he often stated he was disappointed with it. Despite the disappointment, Drake still managed to sell 1 million copies off the album. Each of the singles did well, also.

The final single released from Thank Me Later was “Fancy” with T.I. When the single began receiving radio play, Drake promised a video would be coming soon. Even with T.I. heading back to prison, a video was shot for “Fancy.” However, after watching the “Miss Me” video and being disappointed, Drake was also disappointed with the “Fancy” video and decided not to release it.

In his songs, Drake is known for pouring his heart out. This passion is what initially drove fans to his music. However, after hearing this from Drake for some time, some fans have began writing him off as overly-emotional. Drake said he wishes the fans would stop labeling him as overly-emotional.

Defending his style, Drake said he is not overly emotional, instead he is very honest with his music.

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