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Lil Wayne and Drake halt collaborative album because of “Watch the Throne”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Following the release of Thank Me Later, Drake announced he and Lil Wayne would release a joint album upon his release from prison. Following the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West and Jay-Z announced they would soon release a joint album. With Kanye West dominating, during this period of time, and Jay-Z being the unofficial president of hip hop, it became a much-discussed hip hop topic.

When Drake was asked about Watch the Throne, he said Jay-Z and Kanye West’s concept reminded him a lot of his and Wayne’s. Months later, Watch the Throne was released and many other rap duos came together for joint albums. Many of the artists admitted they were inspired by the Watch the Throne album. However, when Lil Wayne lyrically challenged Jay-Z on “It’s Good,” Drake made it clear he was not involved with the diss. With Lil Wayne being involved in so many projects, he said he would not release the album with Drake until he finished some of his other collaborative projects and more of his own solo albums.

Yesterday, Drake discussed the album with Lil Wayne, he said the album has been placed on the backburner and will likely not be released at all. Speaking with XXL, Drake said the album may not be released at all because of the impact Watch the Throne has had on hip hop. Drake said he did not want the album to be compared to Watch the Throne, so he will at least wait until the album has blown over before he and Lil Wayne decide what they want to do on their own collaborative venture.

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