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Hottie of the Week: EyeCandi

By Lady Killa
Hip Hio Vibe Staff Writer

Being in the spotlight is something EyeCandi is used to. The Raleigh native is used to working the hip hop’s elite. When she is not in the spotlight, EyeCandi is raising her two children. The jet-setting lifestyle is something EyeCandi did not envision, but it is something she has grown to love.

Growing up, many people often told EyeCandi she should model, so she took advantage. Due to the market, working hand-in-hand with hip hop came with the territory. EyeCandi has used this to her advantage, also becoming a promoter, of sorts. Many people know her face, as she has hosted countless events.

EyeCandi’s face is one the world will be seeing more of, as she continues to make major moves. She has appeared in a number of music videos and she has also been nominated for an award. The overall goal EyeCandi has in mind is to eventually run her own business. EyeCandi definitely has the connections to easily create a business in entertainment.

Recently, EyeCandi agreed to an interview with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you explain what a day in your life is like? Wow. (Laughs). A day in my life is hectic, I have two children, so mommy duties a 9-5 and then come home to mommy duties and grinding for my modeling. It’s a crazy schedule, but I am not complaining because I see the bigger picture.

Did you see this type of lifestyle in your future? No. I never would have imagined that my life would be taking this direction but I’m loving it.

What led you to doing modeling? I was always told I should model, so the opportunity presented itself and it went from there.

Are you hoping to become an actress one day? Ummmm. I am thinking about it, but we will see.

How many events have you hosted? (Laughs). Umm, I have actually lost count, but still counting. Thank God.

What was your favorite photoshoot? My favorite, I would have to say. Ummm ,I don’t know I love all of my shoots so far.

Where is your favorite location to work? I love to work outside versus a studio. Working outside is more real to me.

Do you enjoy being in music videos? I love being in music videos. I always have a lot of fun. 

What did it feel like, when you were nominated for a Carolina Music Award? It felt great, like another accomplishment under the belt, even though I didn’t win, it’s all good.

In the near future, what do you see for yourself? Being a businesswoman, running my own business.

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