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Rick Ross performing tonight despite Two Seizures

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Fans, critics, friends, enemies, and airplane passengers have all been frightened by Rick Ross. Around this time yesterday, people were learning of Rick Ross having a seizure. While the news initially sounded bad, it was soon revealed Rick Ross was doing well. The members of his Maybach Music team reported news.

Perhaps Rick Ross’ celebration was premature, as he suffered from another seizure later in the day. Following the second seizure, the fans grew worried. On Twitter, many fans wondered how 50 Cent felt about all of this. 50 Cent said he does not wish death on Ross and wanted him to take care of himself.

DJ Khaled said he spoke to Rick Ross, telling him he loved him. He did not want the details, Khaled simply wanted to know if he was doing well. Rick Ross shrugged it off and told DJ Khaled they need to focus on the marketing and promotion of his upcoming God Forgives, I Don’t album. Even though he has had a rough week, Rick Ross knows the show has to go on.

Tonight, Rick Ross plans to hit the stage, performing at the North Carolina A&T State University homecoming festival. Rick Ross informed them he was doing much better and will be ready to perform tonight, as planned.

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