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Drake talks Dating Rihanna and Marrying Nicki Minaj

Drake 4 OLDBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The year of 2009 was one of transition for hip hop. For the past five years, rappers relied less and less on lyrics. Socially, hip hop had grown used to several couples, many of which, broke up. Chris Brown and Rihanna, while R&B and Pop artists, respectively, are a part of the hip hop community.

For two years, they had been publicly dating and appeared to be the model teenage couple. However, the two actually had an abusive relationship, which the whole world learned of. A public fight on the day of the Grammys forced Chris Brown and Rihanna to break up.

Moving on from Chris Brown, Rihanna began dating mixtape rapper, Drake. At the time, Drake was probably best-known for his role on “Degrassi.” Drake was being courted by several labels and close to signing with Young Money. While his career took off, his relationship with Rihanna did not.

Drake said he would never blame what happened between them on Rihanna, but he was hurt when he realized it was not a deep relationship. Rihanna was the first famous female to pay any attention to Drake and he was drawn by that. When he began to realize what their relationship actually was, a rebound, it hurt him, but he was able to move forward. Drake said he used to see her in magazines, when he was still new to the game, and they met during a birthday party.

After moving on from Rihanna, Drake rapped about his love for Nicki Minaj on “Miss Me.” Last year, the two were married for a day. Their marriage, which was a publicity stunt, is something Drake thinks could last, if tried again. Drake said Nicki Minaj is probably the only woman who understands him and who could one day love him.

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