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Lil Wayne responds to Luther Campbell, calls out DJ Khaled

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Long before Miami became the home away from home for hip hop’s elite and long before Miami’s rap scene was popular, Uncle Luke was holding things down. Uncle Luke paved the way for Trick Daddy, who opened the doors to the Miami hip hop scene. Of course, Trick Daddy has not been popular in years, but his affiliates are.

Uncle Luke, who now goes by his real name, Luther Campbell, has been very active in his hometown. He ran, unsuccessfully, for mayor of Miami and has become one of hip hop’s biggest commentators. He has discussed Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West, among other things. His most-recent discussion involved Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and Diddy.

Luther Campbell felt those rappers, who shoot music videos, attend basketball games, party at clubs, and sleep with women in Miami should give back. Primarily, he was talking about the rappers mentioned above. Campbell said they should be active in helping to revive the Miami economy, which is struggling like everywhere else in the United States. Recently, Lil Wayne has been more talkative than usual. Under his belt, already, is a Jay-Z diss and he recently responded to Uncle Luke.

On Twitter, Lil Wayne responded to Luther Campbell saying “This Nigga Luke trippin!!!.” He also had choice words for label-mate, DJ Khaled. Wayne also said “I ain’t feelin khaled right now neither.”

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