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On the Rise: Joseph da Dreamer

On the Rise

On the Rise: Joseph da Dreamer

By The Rap Scout
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop has several genres, most of which are classified by region. It has been an incredible movement for hip hop over the past thirty years. As a branch of Ramp;B, which is a branch from inspirational music, hip hop has now come full circle.

Inspirational hip hop is probably the most-overlooked genre of hip hop. Aside from such people as Kirk Franklin, and others, there have not been many inspirational rappers, who have experienced much commercial success.

Joseph da Dreamer has been in the rap game for a long time. Initially, he did mainstream rap, but he has branched out into inspirational music. A chance meeting with a business figure led to Joseph creating his Starrated Music Group label.

Read the entire interview below:

What was behind your original moniker, Mista Black? My old rap name was Black Mail. That was the name I used when I worked with different record labels. But, when I launched my own company, I decided to change my name to Mista Black. Mista Black sounds more professional, James Bond-like. I see myself as the James Bond of the rap industry. Now, everybody calls themselves Mista Black, but my name means having pride in what you do, being about business, and being humble.

When did you realize you wanted to record gospel music? I realized it since 2009. I did not have the time back then, because of all the artists I was managing. I really thought about it back in high school. I always wanted to do gospel music, because it is more inspirational. All the music I created was inspirational and it dealt with life. The Lord led to my transition to gospel and I could not say no. It bugged me because I was not doing music for the Lord. Now, I give my message to the youth, being a leader.

When did you launch Starrated Music Group? I launched it back in January of this year. Originally, the label was called Starrated Records, but I changed the name to Music Group because it is going to be real huge. I am dealing with a guy in Atlanta, he is an A&R and he gets my connections. There are big things coming to my movement. I deal with so many business figures, actors, etc.

How many artists are signed to your record label? I do not have any signed artists. I am working with a gospel artist named Matthew, he is in development. I also have a gospel singer in development. But, there is a producer signed under me and some ghostwriters.

How many artists do you manage? Right now, only one.

Are you opposed to working with non-gospel artists? Right now, I am working with one non-gospel artist, Rob Gutta, he is affiliated with DJ Drama. He has a huge fan base in Michigan and I will help him shop his music. I have another artist named Paul, who is a non-gospel artist, I am going to be his agent, as well.

I am not critical of those who are not saved, because the Lord does not like that. So, when it comes down to business, I will work with anyone.

Do you feel there is a bias in gospel music? Yeah. Well, hip hop gospel artists do not receive the same attention, but I feel it will soon get more attention because this is all politics. This is just like how Nas said hip hop is dead, but gospel hip hop is hip hop, because it is all truth. When you are speaking the truth and trying to help out the community, that is the message some people do not want in the neighborhood.

How do you plan to avoid this? I feel there is a way. When you are with the Lord, there is always a way. When there is a will, there is a way, especially when you are working with the Lord. Hip hop gospel artists are doing well, however, overseas.

What is your movement like in your local area? My movement is pretty decent, I have a lot of work to do. I have nearly 1,000 fans, but I am sure I will have over 10,000 fans by the end of November. I have to release more music and videos and then the movement will really start blowing up. Plus, with my partnerships with other companies, I will take the game over. The people have not seen nothin’ yet, glory to God.

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