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Ja Rule to release "Spun a Web" video on October 11

div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”320″ kca=”true” src=”” width=”238″ //a/divstrongBy The Hip Hop Writer/strongbr /strongHip Hop Vibe Staff Writer/strongbr /br /It has been a tough comeback trail for Ja Rule, as he tries to regain footing in the rap game. A decade ago, Ja Rule was on top of the world, releasing hit after hit. But, feuds with several high profile rappers left Ja Rule struggling to get back in the /br /In 2007, it appeared as if Ja Rule were truly going to make a comeback. Rule had a new deal with Universal Records and a marketing team. However, as his album release date neared, the album was delayed for no /br /By 2009, Ja Rule decided to release his comeback album, free, and work on new material. Earlier this year, it was revealed Ja would be serving time in prison. This summer, he began his prison sentence and he wanted to drop his albums before he /br /While this did not happen, Ja Rule is still focused on releasing new music. Despite not releasing his new album, emPain is Love 2/em, Ja Rule decided to release an EP. The new collection of songs will be called emPre-Pain is Love 2/em. Last week, Ja Rule released several songs to the internet. It seems as if those songs will be a part of his new /br /Yesterday, Ja Rule released a track called “Spun a Web.” Apparently, “Spun a Web” is a new single and the official video for this song will have a video. The music video for “Spun a Web” will be released on October 11.div class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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