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Wiz Khalifa speaks on Morning Routine

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past year, Wiz Khalifa has become a larger-than-life figure, as he just released his debut album and is second is in the works. It has been an incredible journey for Wiz Khalifa. Now considered one of the biggest stars on the planet, many wonder how Wiz Khalifa lives.

Wiz Khalifa decided to answer those questions, saying he wakes up in the morning, like everyone else. After he opens his eyes, Wiz said he rolls up some weed and smokes. Once he smokes, Wiz Khalifa brushes his teeth, gets some breakfast, and starts his day.

During the interview, Wiz Khalifa admitted he usually smokes before he brushes his teeth. Wiz Khalifa said smoking before brushing is the best way to do it to get rid of the smell. To the Taylor Gang CEO, it is dumb to brush your teeth and then smoke, dirtying the mouth back up.

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