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Was Lil Wayne wrong to tell fan “Shut the fuck Up!”

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - ShowBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

During a recent performance, Lil Wayne lost a couple of fans and that was the way he wanted it. Lil Wayne was performing songs off his album, Tha Carter IV. The song is called “Nightmares of the Bottom” and during his performance, he asked the audience to listen to him, as he spoke. Lil Wayne demanded no noise from anyone.

As he performed “Nightmares of the Bottom,” Lil Wayne was interrupted by a couple of screaming fans. Lil Wayne stopped his performance to tell the fan to “shut the fuck up.” As the fans continued to scream, Wayne addressed them again. Lil Wayne said they need to stop because they were the only ones making noise.

Despite the continued screaming, Lil Wayne finished the performance and he addressed the fans again. Lil Wayne told them they were being very disrespectful and told the security to remove them from his concert. He told the fan he hoped they stopped listening to his music and that they never purchase another one of his albums again because they were not real fans.

Lil Wayne feels his true fans would have been quiet when he asked them to. But, what Lil Wayne might not understand is how excited the fans were to be in the same room with him. Even though his performance was interrupted by the screaming fan, the fan paid money for their seat to scream. It does not matter how angry Lil Wayne was, it is fans, just like that one, that keep him living the life he is. After all, if Lil Wayne had no fans, he would not have been booked in the first place. It is the simple things, like that, which are overlooked.

While Lil Wayne is currently on top of the hip hop game, it is not going to last forever. There could be a time when Lil Wayne finds himself without wealth and in need of support. Given the way things turn out, sometimes, Lil Wayne may need the very fan he kicked out of his concert and told to not be a fan, or to ever buy another of his albums again. Understandably, Lil Wayne was a little ticked off when he was interrupted, but this happens frequently in business.

Should Lil Wayne have told his fan to “shut the fuck up!”?

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