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Nelson Davis talks Background and Upcoming Projects

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Nelson Davis talks Background and Upcoming Projects

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Too often, the media portrays the current youth as troubled. Most of the crimes committed are by young men trying to find their way in the world. Nelson Davis is the complete opposite of the stereotype, as he is a twenty-four-year old mogul. Based out of Jacksonville, NC, he is prepared to take the world by storm.

In 2006, Nelson Davis launched Xzillerating Connexions and has been branching out ever since. While many dream of becoming major hip hop stars, others choose to work behind the scenes, hoping to avoid the stigma of being an entertainer. Again, this is not Nelson Davis, as he intends to do both.

As the head of several companies, he is signed to his brother’s record label, Wrongside Entertainment, as an entertainer. His modeling company frequently works with his sister’s photography company. The youngest of three siblings, the entire family has strong business minds. Nelson Davis discussed all of this, and much more, in his recent interview with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

How do you feel about the current hip hop scene? I feel that the hip hop scene is full of so much variety and talent at this point in time. Despite how others may feel as far as what’s talent and what’s not talent, at the end of the day I feel there is so much talent out there and alot that we have yet to have seen. I feel that it has changed, but at the same time what in life has not changed? All great things change you know. I also feel in order to keep hip hop alive we all have to support what one another is doing and respect the fact they they are doing somthing to begin with.

As a rapper, how do you think you will impact the game? I think that I will impact the game by not being the ideal rapper, but more of an outside of the box rapper not the typical image of being a “rapper” but an all around entertainer by bringing my fans and supporters quality music, films, and getting involved in modeling.

Has your family background helped you get to where you are today? Absolutely, my family background most definitely has made a big impact on where I am today and am very thankful for my family.

When did you realize you had such a strong ear for business? To be honest with you, I can’t think back far enough to when I did NOT think I had an ear for business. I remember even as a child I was always trying to start companies and make a profit. I remember selling free bate on a peer to people fishing while my father and brother were fishing. That is my first memory of making money from my entreuprener spirit.

Can you explain the operations of Xzilerating Connexions? Yes. Xzilerating Connexions is the first business that started. It is actually a virtual call center. We provide customer service for different companies. Like, for an example, we talk calls for Limo Companies when customers want to make a reservation for a Limo we answer the calls on the behalf of the Limo Company and set up the reservation.

Exactly how many companies do you have under the CMS umbrella? Currently, CMS Entertainment includes CMS Modeling Group and CMS Films. CMS stands for Certified Model Status. The modeling divison of the company basically grooms aspiring models, assists them in setting up their portfolios, as well as placing them in projects that require models such as ads, flyers, etc. The film division of the company grooms aspiring actors, places them in projects that require actors and actresses, and also produces films which include CMS members in them.

Do you have trouble managing all of your occupations? I’m not going to lie! Sometimes it gets hectic and overwelming, but at the end of the day I love what I do and everything that I am involved in!

How did you come so far in such a short period of time? Very BLESSED! Right now I am so focused, hungry for success, oh and many SLEEPLESS NIGHTS up working hard.

In a business full of untrustworthy people, how do you find the right people to conduct business with? I have encountered my share of untrustworthy people so far, BUT it’s a learning curve, but, overall, I must say that I have been blessed to come in contact with and work with people that really share my vision. Most of the people I have worked with so far I have been close with for quite sometime.

Where did the concept of TheSexSymbol87 come from? Well, I don’t want to give too much away. But I will say this TheSexSymbol87 is the screen name of a stalker on a social networking website but it has a hidden meaning which will be revealed at the end of the movie, then it will all make a little more since.

Can you tell us more about CMS Films? CMS Films is a spin-off of CMS Modeling Group. I was really inspired by the models in the group aspiration to act. Filming making is always somthing I wanted to do, in addition to rapping and modeling, so I said why not expand. Offer model placement, actor/actress placement. Then, I thought you can’t wait for an opportunity, you have to make your opportunity so I am also going to produce films making an opportunity for myself and the members of CMS to act as well as model and also gives the opportunity for the ones not so much interesting in acting, but an opportunity to model by being an extra in the film. TheSexSymbol87 is only the begining. So many other projects are in the work including more films and a web series!

Has being based in Jacksonville, NC helped or hurt your movement? I’d say overall it has helped my movement because alot of what I am trying to do and am doing has not really been heard of in the area and this is home for me and I have alot of people I trust here and that support me.

What are your overall goals, moving forward? I’d say to really get as much exposure for my company and team as possible. I am also in the process of launching a social networking website which is introduced in TheSexSymbol87. The social networking website will also have a record label division and digital television division where web series will broadcast. So many things in the works that I am excited about!

With all of your siblings all doing some form of business, does sibling rivalry ever come into play? I can honestly say that sibling rivalry has NEVER come in to play, I love my brother and sister very much and I think what we all have going on compliments what the others are doing.

What do your parents think of all the positive things you are doing? My parents are very proud and I hear it all the time from them and they support everything I do 100 percent.

In a world influenced by corruption and with so many people of color choosing the wrong path, how did you avoid it to get where you are today? Just really just staying focused. Not only because of the way I was raised, but its also very important to me to be an example for my niece and nephews. I don’t have any kids, but someitmes I feel as if they are my own kids and I have to really be an example that definitely is a big part of it.

How many people have you worked with, so far? I have worked quite a bit of people! Especially here recently on TheSexSymbol87 I love my whole cast and crew! I’d say in entertainment I have worked with well over 50 people.

Who have you had the most fun working with? I’d have too many people mad it me if I narrowed it down! But, I honestly can’t so many as I think back.

What has been your favorite project? TheSexSymbol87 is my baby, my first independent film I am writer, producer, director, and editor of. So, I must say thats my favorite as of yet.

Can you name the people who have influenced you, over the years? My mother has definitely made the biggest influence on me!

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