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The Impact Steve Jobs left on Hip Hop

Steve JobsBy Insightful Guru
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The name ‘Steve Jobs’ is not too familiar within the hip hop circle, but his products are. Steve Jobs single-handedly changed the hip hop game. Jay-Z rapped about him on his Kingdom Come album, but the album was considered a flop by most.

Among the products Steve Jobs created was the ever-successful iPod. Due to his ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer, Jobs recently gave up with CEO role with Apple. The company was founded by Steve Jobs in 1976.

Apple is currently seen as the alternative to Windows, but it has provided so much more. Rappers who decide to record on their own usually decide to purchase a Mac over a PC. The Mac computer was also an invention from Steve Jobs.

It was during Steve Jobs’ most-recent stint as the head of Apple when things really took off and his company became a major competitor. While already competing, the influx of products helped boost Apple and landed them much media attention. Most people who hold a position of importance have an iPhone. Again, Jay-Z rapped about this and Rick Ross raps of “sellin’ dope straight through the iPhone.”

With Steve Jobs stepping down from his role as the CEO of Apple, due to his bout with cancer, remember all of the products he has brought to hip hop. The list is ongoing, as Steve Jobs has become one of the biggest names in hip hop, despite not being directly known by most.