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Rick Ross facing lawsuit over “Teflon Don” album title

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Despite becoming a frequent hitmaker, Rick Ross has also faced a major backlash. Among other things, Ross has been called fake by many. His persona is that of a drug lord, when he worked as a correctional officer. In addition to this, his name comes from a real drug lord.

Upon getting out of prison, Ricky “Freeway” Ross, filed a lawsuit against Rick Ross over his name and style. The lawsuit was settled out of court. Rick Ross’ rivals in the rap game have used that for numerous diss tracks. Not too long removed, Rick Ross is facing more trouble.

His popular 2010 album, Teflon Don, is the center of a new lawsuit. A lawsuit was filed by Teflon Don, a rapper whose real name is Donald Askey, Jr. Askey has filed a suit against Def Jam, Slip-N-Slide Records, DJ Khaled, Universal Music Group, Maybach Music Group, and Rick Ross for trademark infringement.

Askey claims he was working with DJ Khaled, back in 2007, three years before Rick Ross released his album, Teflon Don. This was actually proven, as Khaled gave him a shout out “to my homie Teflon Don, we the best.” Teflon Don, the rapper, said Rick Ross’ music has also hindered his growth, as Ross rhymes are negative, while his rhymes are positive. Many of Teflon Don’s fans are turned off by the Rick Ross album, which was named after his stage name.

Teflon Don said the Teflon Don album and Rick Ross’ budget has hindered his growth as an artist.