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Messy Marv breaks down Too $hort beef

Messy Marv (OLD)By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For years, the Bay Area of the West Coast hip hop scene has maintained a peaceful outlook. While other sub-genres of hip hop have been divided with peace, the Bay Area stayed united. Such rappers as Too $hort and Messy Marv have been the pioneers of the game.

Recently, however, Messy Marv has been stirring the pot, frequently dissing Too $hort. The legendary rapper spoke on the feud, earlier this month, questioning why Messy Marv is coming at him. Things came to a head when Messy Marv released “Class of 84 (Fuck Too $hort).”

During an interview with, Messy Marv addressed his issues with Too $hort. He bean his interview with “first and foremost fuck Too $hort. Messy Marv said one reason he is upset with Too $hort is because he has no respect for the Bay Area. According to Messy, the string of success has gone to Short Dog’s head and he is the only one to call him out on it. Messy Marv said he is one of a million other men in the Bay Area who feel the same way about Too $hort, however he is the only one man enough to call him out.

The main reason Messy Marv has issues with Too $hort is because he has not opened any doors for the new generation of Bay Area rappers. Messy Marv said he and Too $hort had talks about bringing the Bay Area to the forefront of the hip hop game. He presented his catalog of music to Too $hort, but a few days later, he was turned down in the most-disrespectful way. Messy Marv said the phone conversation took place a few years ago, but he truly saw Too $hort’s ego and he was not pleased.

Addressing the comments by Too $hort, saying the two spoke over the phone, Messy Marv said another thing about $hort is that he is “fake as fuck.” While they did speak on the phone, Messy Marv said they did not talk peace. Instead, Messy Marv said the conversation was him asking Too $hort what his problem was, he also denied claims that they spoke for over 20 minutes. Messy Marv said Too $hort laughed at the fact he had dissed him and said he had no idea he felt that way.

Still, following the phone conversation, Messy Marv took down all his negative comments about $hort and prepared to move on. However, Too $hort left his comments up and then tried to railroad Messy Marv, in his opinion, in his interview. Things of that nature are the reason Messy Marv continues to fire shots at the legendary Too $hort.

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