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DMX finally released from Prison

DMX OLDBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For a few weeks, people have been expecting DMX to be released from prison. Initial reports said the former Ruff Ryder frontman was going to be released on July 1. However, sources close to DMX said he would not be released until July 6. When the date came, many wondered why DMX was not released from prison.

Last week, it was revealed that DMX was forced to spend more time behind bars. The reason X was forced to spend more time in prison was because he was found with drugs. As long as DMX has been rapping, he has had an issue with drugs. It was his drug addiciton that kept him in prison two additional weeks.

Now, DMX is out of prison and he is focusing on putting his career back together. DMX has talked about releasing a new album for nearly four years. The last time he released an album was in 2006, with the release of Year of the Dog… Again. The album was met with mixed reviews and DMX is trying to top his last release.

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